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Dr. Kelemen András, egyesületünk tagja az alábbi képes összefoglalót juttatta el személyesen az Európa Tanács Emberjogi Bizottságához:
In April this year, the Hungarian Socialist Party won the parliamentary elections in Hungary. A speech by the elected Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, made before the Socialist and Liberal parliamentary group members in May, unexpectedly leaked out in September. In this speech, the Prime Minister admits that in his previous term, there was only a continuous campaign going on, instead of real governing, and in the election campaign they deliberately misled the voters as to the state of the country – and the measures the new government was to take. Int he course of the scandal caused by the vulgar and cynical speech, he admitted that the tape was authentic: it was really his speech. Yet, he refused to resign.
In the spontaneous demonstrations that followed, the people insisted that he resign. Meanwhile, we came to October 23rd, the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. The peaceful remembrance to celebrate the anniversary in Budapest was thwarted by the police in a series of intimidating and terrorizing measures of unprecedented dimenmsions. The venues of the state celebrations were closed away from the people. They deployed thousands of foot and mounted police, used rubber bullets and striking with the flat of swords, used tear gas shells, water cannons, lead-filled truncheons, causing massive injuries.
Instead of protecting the people (children, old people, MP’s and journalists among them), i.e. the crowd trying to leave the venue of the FIDESZ opposition-party celebrations, they dispersed them by force. In the course of this, they let go (as I have seen: they drove) another group: a group of anti-government demonstrators into the peaceful crowd of celebrators, then used force indiscriminately. Policemen – who had no identification on them! – continued to assault, kick and beat people after they fell to the ground and were defenceless. In several cases policemen left people ont he street, in a pool of blood. The rubber bullets were aimed at the upper parts of peoples’ bodies, causing for ex. serious eye injuries in at least 2 cases. In all, about 170 people suffered injuries.
Int he face of this, those in power, supported by their media, keep repeating that the police action was a response to attack against them. Pictures taken and videotapes prove otherwise.
It is important to inform everyone concerned and emphasize that the Prime Minister, clinging to power, used the police in his own interest against demonstrators and his political opposition to intimidate those who demand his resignation. This emphatically reminds Hungarians party-state times when the coercive machinery of state served the ruling party.
András Kelemen
MP of the Hungarian Parliament



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